Omaha Security leverages technology to provide a custom security solution for all of our clients. We realize that every security client represents unique problems and unique security concerns. This is a challenge that Omaha Security accepts. We will meet with you to discuss your specific security needs. Then we will design your custom security package. Whether you need static on site security, or patrol services Omaha Security is your best option. Through our use of custom designed security report systems our clients stay informed in a timely and concise manner. Omaha Security has developed a custom online security report system that notifies clients in real time. These reports can be dissemenated by distribution lists and in several forms including email. Security reports are maintained online through our secured servers that can only be accessed by username and passowrd. Need to find a security report from 2 months ago? No problem, it is saved and secured by Omaha Security. In fact, we save reports for one year (longer if needed).

Another aspect that technology has enabled Omaha Security to overcome is the verification of services. With most security patrol companies you would never know if they were on your property! Did you get what you pay for? Omaha Security uses the latest GPS systems on our patrol vehicles. And, select patrol services are video equipped with the RoadRunner Mobile Video cameras and DVR. These systems VERIFY our presence. Omaha Security will record and maintain video for upto 90 days (longer if needed). We are the only security company serving the Omaha Metro with video patrol services. And, we are the only company using Police Interceptors for patrol services.

When you need on site security or patrol services we know there are many security companies that can serve you. But when it comes to security you TRULY get what you pay for! Omaha Security pays the top wages in town for security agents because we want the best, and our clients deserve the best. But we are still competitive in our pricing. All Omaha Security agents meet one of these minimum requirements;

1. Prior or existing law enforcement
2. Prior Military
3. Five years of security experience

We have found that agents with these backgrounds make a formiddable team. Our agents understand the concept of excellence and pride in their work. You will be impressed with the way we look and perform for you.

Contact us today to setup a no cost security evaluation. All ready know what you need? Give us a call or email for a FREE rate quote! And, ask us about our rate matching program (for a limited time).

We are locally owned and operated with over 20 years of experience proudly serving the Omaha Metro Area.

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